Saturday, May 9, 2009

My piece titled "Pony, Farming,
Immigration and Labor" is going to be
located in the saddle room it is
a 25 min loop on a video monitor using
head phones and the viewer
will be sitting on a saddle to watch the

The second piece is entitled

"Hopi Zen influenced community garden"
it is located at the old pumpkin
patch and will be going on all day.
At 3:00 I will lead a hour seminar
talking about strategies of Native
gardening and understanding of the land
as well as a discussion about gardening
as art and activism and hopefully
establish a co-op for the summer to
help feed our communities. Topics also
include the mental and physical healing
gardening and eating your own food
can have on a community.

"Pony, Farming, Immigration and Labor" is
a story that deals with the
issues of how this and other countries
are built on the labor of
immigrants and an old mans story of how
he traded his red bike for a one
eyed pony.

"Hopi Zen influenced community garden" is
a piece of land art trying
activate the deep end community to use
the land in a way that gives back
to the community and helps strengthen that
community, through the growing
and sharing of food stories and physical work.

I also would like to buy 1/2 a pig and have a pit
roast down where I have
been camping,

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