Friday, May 1, 2009

I am interested in the land and what I can do to benefit and heal the land by gardening and using the food to feed the Deep End Ranch community. I feel that the history of the ranch is well documented for the most part except for the history of the Chumash Indians. This land and all the land of the Americas is Indian land and until every one understands this and starts to heal the land and acknowledge the Native tribes of the Americas the US will fail at healing relations at home and abroad. I have researched the Chumash tribe and they were a tribe that numbered at one time over 20,000 Chumash who lived all along the cost of California. My project is going to deal with gardening planting the trinity corn, squash and beans. The Chumash were not gardeners but I will use the Hopi model of growing food. The Chumash were hunter gatherers and skilled fisherman and sea men. I will also build a traditional Chumash home from the materials on the land. I have to go to class but I will keep you posted.
Thank you

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  1. This sounds good. You should research the local MUPU group of Chumash. What are your plans for the home? what kind of materials are you looking to use from what's here on the ranch? would it be a model for a short term residency shelter?

    Also, see if you can put a heading or title on your post so it doesn't get confused with the post after (Peter Lang).