Saturday, May 23, 2009

Organic Herbicide made from lemons! now available for use in state

 Looks like we can now make our move to organic... and make some home brew herbicide of our own!?

California DPR Registers Organic Burndown Herbicide 


Enhanced d-limonene Formula Provides Rapid, Broad-Spectrum Burndown 


DAVIS, Calif. (April 22, 2009) Marrone Organic Innovations, Inc. (MOI) is pleased to 

announce that its improved organic formulation of GreenMatch Burndown 

Herbicide is now available in California for use in organic crops. 


GreenMatch meets the requirements of the NOP Rule for use in organic agriculture, 

and is listed by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) and WSDA. It has a full 

EPA registration for crop and non-crop application.  


“Weed control is the single largest cost for organic farmers, and the main reason why 

many conventional farmers are unwilling to transition to organic practices” states 

Pam Marrone, CEO of Marrone Organic Innovations (MOI). “The availability of this 

effective, long lasting burndown material will positively affect the economics and 

operational challenges they face.” 


GreenMatch is a post emergence, non-selective organic herbicide that contains d- 

limonene (extract of citrus) as well as other plant extracts and surfactants. GreenMatch 

kills the weeds by stripping the wax off the leaves of the plants, causing weeds to 

rapidly shrivel and die, appearing “burned down.”  


Organic growers have long relied on hand weeding, propane flaming, mowing and 

cultural methods to attack weeds. As such, weeds are the largest cost to organic 

farming and the primary reason why many conventional farmers don’t transition fully 

to organic practices.  “This enhanced formulation of GreenMatch provides superior 

weed control at a lower price point than other “naturals” in the market” said David 

Warman, Director of Sales at MOI. 


GreenMatch is sold in 5 gallon pails, and has proven to be effective on a wide 

spectrum of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including spurge, sowthistle, shepherd’s 

purse, clover, hairy fleabane, annual bluegrass, smooth crabgrass, dandelion, 

whitestem filaree and many others. It can be purchased through local agricultural 

input suppliers, or contact Marrone Organic Innovations toll free at 877-664-4476. 



2121 Second Street, Suite 107-B        


      Davis, CA 95618        



Marrone Organic Innovations discovers, develops and markets effective and 

environmentally responsible products that fill unmet needs for weed, disease and 

pest management.  Through a combination of in-licensed technology and its own 

R&D, MOI develops products that target markets needing better and safer 

solutions.  MOI’s own R&D finds naturally occurring microorganisms from unique 

habitats and develops them into products for controlling insects, weeds, nematodes 

and plant diseases.  MOI has an impressive pipeline of new products, including two 

insecticides, two herbicides and a product for controlling invasive zebra and 

quagga mussels in waterways. MOI currently markets GreenMatch 



Herbicide for weed control in organic crop production and Regalia 


 for control of 

fungal and bacterial diseases of both food and ornamental crops for conventional 

growers (an organic formulation is pending).  

For more information, visit 



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