Friday, April 3, 2009

Sour Fruit and Ghosts

On the subject of sour fruit, both sour apples and oranges have been part of my life when in England. We have a Bramley apple tree in the garden which is a ‘cooking apple’. Its culinary uses really are extensive, we put them in all manner of desserts, but also into stews or veggie chilli for its bulk and texture.  My Nan used to buy Seville oranges which are sour which are they only oranges you can successfully make marmalade with.

Both fruits are very common and you can buy them in the shops, they are not out-dated.


  1. i love english orange marmalade. both my father and i would be very upset if marmalade disappeared.

    is pub cider made from the sour apples? maybe that's why we don't have it in the states.

  2. Yes, they are the ones used in cider-making.