Saturday, April 4, 2009

Next Class

Let's go back to our discussion of Site Work in the next class. Everyone read chapter 2, from Miwon Kwon, "Unhinging of Site Specificity". Your next required post to the Blog will be to describe your project and to discuss how it is a site work. The deadline for this post would be prior to class in three weeks - (by the end of the day on tuesday, April 21). The three weeks to develop your post is to give you time to cook your project idea and to really write about it in terms of site specificity. Between now and then we will also screen Robert Smithson's film on the making of Spiral Jetty.

FARM FLASH:  We are picking both lemons and tangerines next week. This will be the last time we harvest during this semester so if you want to participate or document any of this process be prepared. We will try and get out into the orchards for the last part of the class on wednesday. Wear appropriate work clothes if you want to try your hand and picking fruit.

Also, the wild flowers are now beginning to really bloom all over the ranch. There are countless varieties and it's a good year as the rain has been just enough. Hikes are welcome and advised.

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  1. Last wednessday I interviewed Mr. C. Through our conversation I learned that he was born in the Limonera labor camp. He lived there until he was 8 years old. I asked him what some of his memories from that time were. He described the memory of his father's jacket; the way it smelled of lemons.
    I am going to continue my interviews with Mr. C. I would like to specificly focus on Labor, his history and knowledge of the Limonera Company and how race and class are linked to the particular history of labor in the Santa Paula area.