Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day in the Life

It takes a lot of effort to keep a working ranch like Deep End functioning as a productive farm and site for all your work. I am going to ask you all to take part in ‘a day being a labourer’ on the ranch, all this involves is a day of your time to work alongside Gerardo and me. Following your day, I would like you to write a short piece of text describing the work you have done and how you would feel doing the job day in day out, like many farm labours do.

These are not the jobs you dream about while you are at school, they are not taught at universities, people that do not know you are not going to look up to you for doing these jobs and say ‘you have done well for yourself’. Most of what is done to keep these farms running is boring, repetitive hard work. And the only reason people do this work is not for love but for money, to survive. But if it was not for these labourers, places like Deep End would not be able to function.

My project is the time you spend working, the work itself, how you feel about it and the text that comes out of it. My project depends on the collaboration of the artists involved. The text responses will form a piece that will be displayed outside “the shop” on the 17th May.

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  1. Greg,
    this is a great site work. I think you should write about your experiences first hand on the job as well for the show.